Update via console (main cabinet) zhcash.org

  1. Expanded statistics in the Investments section. Statistics are divided into 2 indicators. Your stats and general stats. Detailed schedules have been introduced. Distribution of your contributions by nodes and General distribution of contributions by nodes.
  2. Added DOGEcoin. In the process of integrating Tron TRX and USDT TRC20.
  3. We remind you that if ZHC has not been received by old transfers inside your account, please contact the support service with your login (email), recipient address and transfer amount. We also continue to work on processing applications on the old console.

    A little about what is happening now on the development and integration front

The final stage of preparatory work for the launch of airdrop and bounty campaigns is taking place.

Preparation of interim and updated versions of the white paper, roadmap and presentations is in progress.

A new extended version of the white paper is being created.

More than 50 promising, technology startups and projects based on the ZHCASH platform are being developed and prepared for integration. In the very near future, all ZHC holders will have a unique opportunity to become shareholders in most projects, including the real sector of the economy. There will be an opportunity to invest directly in ZHC.

Preparations are underway for the launch of a venture fund managed by DAO ZHCASH.

At the moment, many new smart contracts are being developed based on the ZHCASH platform. An open developer community is being formed.

We are developing new sites, updating existing ones and preparing a forum for developers, users and programmers.

A preparatory process is underway for the withdrawal of ZHC to external exchanges and the publication of open source.

If you have any questions, please contact support

Best regards, ZeroLab.

21 Mar 2021 / zerogravity