Decentralized venture fund

Association of investors with the richest experience in creating and development of projects in the field of IT and Blockchain technologies.

Our community is committed to researching and tracking the latest developments, holds hackathons and conferences, conducts dialogue with representatives of the government of many countries.

We are interested in the development of technologies and select the highest quality and promising projects for their acceleration and scaling.

Launch on the market of technologies and products designed to improve the quality of life and make human existence more conscious and meaningful. A platform for the development of mankind in terms of technology. Digitalization of all possible life processes.

Infrastructure and eco-system Zero Gravity Foundation infrastructure and eco-system.

Digitalization platform Zero Gravity Foundation uses open source blockchain platform ZHCash to digitalize business, creation of decentralized applications and databases based on smart and intelligent master contracts. ZHCash builds on the innovations of Bitcoin and Ethereum with some notable differences. Solidity support (ERC20, ERC721).

ZHChain is a Bitcoin fork with an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) running on top of it.

DAO ZHCASH The founders of the Zero Gravity Foundation are a decentralized autonomous organization DAO ZHCASH. Community of business angels and developers. The main goal of DAO is to create a decentralized business model based on a smart contract system. DAO forms the rules by which the entire ZEROGRAVITY eco-system functions.

Ecology of charity Development of charitable and environmentally friendly projects. Creation of charitable programs, association with charitable foundations and their financing. Development and implementation of environmental programs around the world using the latest developments in this area, combining with existing promising projects in the field of ecology, their financing.

Education and training Within and on the basis of the educational scientific center of the Academy of Quantum Consciousness, a large international educational network of a new formation is unfolding. The network consists of a number of projects. Solidity academy. Python Studio. C/C++ training. Neural networks and AI. Graphics, design and web coding. Java/JS/NodeJS. Blockchain technology. Online school of digital technologies with the introduction of VR and AR. You get knowledge based not on theoretical aspects, but on the basis of real cases of existing projects. At our school, we create an atmosphere of success and conditions for learning new knowledge and skills to become a good habit. We regularly hold master classes to share experience and knowledge.